At this time of year I am reminded of the reason, years ago, that I was seduced by this Viburnum. It is v. opulus ‘Roseum‘ and knowing little of gardens or gardening, it was the the green flowers which I loved. Of course it didn’t take long for me to realise that the flowers do not stay green. They turn gradually creamy white, which whilst impressive, just isn’t as beautiful as the pale green. In fact, their impact when fully white has sometimes made me want to remove the plant altogether. The garden is very restrained at this time of year, it doesn’t like a show. The startling white baubles of the viburnum have rather a brash and domineering presence in an otherwise green space. I came to think that if there was more in flower at this time the competition would dilute their impact. So with this in mind, I bought a Staphylea to balance things out a little. Now the Staphylea is a much more refined type of shrub. (I think this one is s. Colchica, though I can’t be certain). It doesn’t scream ‘look at me’ but its beautiful white flowers, whilst delicate in form, do help divert my eye from the viburnum show which is taking place centre stage.


Sadly its retiring nature means that it is being bullied a little by the neighbouring corylus. Another reason to apply a little coppicing I think.

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